7 Awesome Zippo Lighters You Will Fall In Love With

Ever since the first Zippo lighter was made in 1933, these lighters have come a long way. Today, they are more than just a tool. No other everyday tool enjoys the cult status historically enjoyed by the Zippo lighters. These lighters were the American soldiers’ most loved gadgets during the World War II. The nostalgia, the heritage, and the quality of the lighters keep them alive in Americans’ hearts even today. Let’s look at some of the coolest Zippo lighters out there.



Classic Police Serve & Protect Brushed Chrome (Zippo Z416)


This is a classic Zippo lighter. Having won the hearts of American soldiers, it was time to respect another group of people who keep the American streets safe. So, this lighter is dedicated to the personnel of the American police, and carries their emblem on its face. It’s an all-time hit among the police officers.

Classic World`s Greatest Dad Black Matte (Zippo Z406)


A father is the most loving soul in everyone’s life. He toils, he faces hardships, and even sacrifices his happiness for the sake of his children. Zippo’s “World`s Greatest Dad” lighter is the best gift for dads to express one’s appreciation of his love. Rest assured, they will carry it with them every moment of their lives.

Classic Solid Brass Engraved on Lid High Polish Brass (Zippo 254)

254_5This Zippo lighter is for those who are not shy about expressing their style. The high polish brass finish gives this lighter a regal look that is guaranteed to draw their attention and appreciation of your taste wherever and whenever it is taken out.

Classic Statue of Liberty Satin Chrome (Zippo Z386)

z386_2Everyone loves New York, the city of lights and dreams. When it comes to New York, hardly anything else is more iconic than the Statue of Liberty. Now, both the city and its iconic symbol of one of America’s core value, are both depicted on something that you have always loved – a Zippo Lighter. This lighter is every New Yorker’s pride.

Resting Cowboy Emblem Brushed Chrome (Zippo 24879)

24879_4Zippo has long stood for the American way of life. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the Cowboys of the south now, would it! So, this brushed chrome lighter with a resting cowboy emblem is a mark of respect for them.

Classic Reaper Crew Sons of Anarchy Black Matte (Zippo 28677)

28677_5Fans of Sons of Anarchy have another reason to rejoice. They can now always carry something in their pocket that they hold close to their heart – a Zippo lighter calling out “Reaper Crew” and “Sons of Anarchy”.

Classic Chevy Trucks Brushed Chrome (Zippo Z120)

z120_11This classic lighter is for the Chevy lovers. An all American lighter, dedicated to an all American automaker, for the Americans. The brushed chrome Zippo lighter is not just a treat to use, but a symbol of American heritage as well.